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More Electricity Production Key to EU’s Green Future

Most fears around Europe’s energy crisis have dissipated thanks to a warm winter and emergency measures adopted by the European Union (EU) and its members. EU countries seem to have some breathing room as they implement their ambitious plan to speed up the deployment of renewables and zero-emission vehicles

topics: critical minerals, Electric Vehicles, supply chains

Eyewitness to Transformation:from Tunes to Transport

Twelve years ago, I left one industry undergoing a profound technology transformation – music - and joined another: automobiles.

topics: autonomous vehicles, autonomy

Unlock Electrification at Scale by Harmonizing Fleets with the Grid

Fleets have higher vehicle miles traveled than passenger vehicles, offering the greatest emissions reduction potential per vehicle over individual owners.

topics: Electric Vehicles, Grid & Infrastructure

After TradeLens: Where Does the Global Shipping Industry Go from Here?

Freight sector industry leaders widely considered TradeLens to have been a disruptive force across supply chains, making important strides in advancing the digitalization of global trade.

topics: Digitalization, Freight, supply chain

Acting While We Talk: Freight Efficiency Improvements Benefit People and Planet

The UN Climate Summit—COP27—currently underway in Egypt is a mammoth climate gathering where lots of committed people discuss a lot of complicated things.

topics: COP27, Freight