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Aluminum is Essential To The Green Transition

Aluminum is one of the foundational industrial materials of modern society, integral to everything from passenger airplanes to kitchen appliances.  Recent U.S. legislative incentives – lead by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) – to produce more solar panels, EVs, electrical charging infrastructure, and other clean energy transition products will increase the demand for primary aluminum only further.

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Illinois Can Help Lead the Transportation Revolution

A transportation revolution is underway around the globe. The most significant shift in how people move from point A to point B since the transition from horse and buggy to Model T is beginning in earnest, bringing significant opportunities for Illinois and the Midwest.

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Critical Minerals, Critical Constraints

The Theory of Constraints was developed in 1984 by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, an Israeli business management consultant.  Goldratt’s key insight was that every process has at any time one key constraint that limits production flow.  Once the constraint is identified and resolved (through a combination of quick fix and more structural improvements), the next constraint becomes apparent and can be similarly attacked.  The Theory of Constraints (ToC) has since become a powerful management tool frequently used in supply chain and manufacturing.  ToC can also provide insight into the policy maker actions required to hit aggressive regulatory and production targets for EV sales.

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Data Holds the Key to a Lower Cost Energy Transition Across the Freight Sector

One of the most transformative roles freight data can play is to accelerate the sector’s energy transition. By bringing digital technologies to scale and leveraging digitalization, we can bridge the efficiency gaps in supply chains and optimize freight movement while achieving broader sustainability goals.

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Germany’s Nationwide Transit Pass is a Model for Expanding Travel Freedom Throughout Europe

Germany is betting that making access to transit convenient and affordable will make it a more attractive mobility option and encourage people to shed their cars for most trips. And in doing so, is showing the way for the rest of Europe to transform their transit systems.

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